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"Pawnmate is a game changer for the pawn industry. The till management system makes keeping track of cash as simple as logging in. From transfers to and from the bank or transfers to individual tills, every note is accounted for. If any till is out more than five dollars an automatic email is sent to the owner. The checkout screen also makes multiple transactions very fast and very simple. Simply scan an extension, pick up, and a sale at the same time and it automatically gives you a total price. Pawnmate customer service and support is by far the best I have ever dealt with."
- Craig
"Of all the Pawn Software's I have used PawnMate is by far the easiest and best system! I couldn't imagine going back to the old software! On top of that, the customer service is the very best, they are always there to help and are extremely knowledgeable!"
- Stephanie
"PawnMate has made many of the repetitive tasks like adding a new customer, extending or reclaiming a ticket so much easier. It has considerably reduced the time these transactions take. Other tasks such as reporting to law enforcement agencies or sending customers late notifications via e-mail or text has been completely automated. This has allowed our staff to focus on what’s really important, generating new business.
As an owner with multiple locations, access to all the stores data in real time has also proved invaluable."
- Lance
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